Identify and resolve the exposure.

These days, many small business owners,

The biggest concern for self-employed people!

How to increase sales, how to attract customers,

How to make a good business, etc.

I think I’m the only one who has a lot of worries.

The Corona that hit the year 2020

It doesn’t fade easily.

What’s more, it’s hard.

But we’re not going to be able to understand the difficulties.

To those who want to get over it’

To convey hope, not despair.

It’s called blog exposure.

I’m telling you what to do.

There are various industries in Korea.

This is our restaurant, our store,

The competition in our brand,

It can lead to countless numbers.

So we started to analyze it.

All the bosses together.

WIN-WIN world to laugh at

I was wondering if I couldn’t make it.

My guest, the guests…

What do you use frequently?

What do you like and what do you like about it?

I thought about why you like it.

Since long ago, we’ve been using any information

When I search and search, 구글상위노출 it’s always green!

You used to go in here and look, right?

Recently, mobile device usage has been

It’s been increasing in all ages.

It’s changing little by little.

But not yet, not in the future.

This habit changes.

I thought he wouldn’t.

There’s a lot of false information.

It’s part of the social network.

mobile application XXXgram,

I don’t think it’s information from PeXsbook, etc.

I’ll search it myself, and I’ll find out what you want.

Information. Visible.

I’m looking for information first.

In fact, I’m not sure if you’re going to be able to see the top

The same things are already well known.

If you’re a marketer,

Every once in a while around.

I suggest you do it.

I’m sure you’ve received it.

Those of you who responded to the proposal,

Our sales are now at the beginning of our business.

double and triple sales

He’s a PR marketing genius.

It’s sometimes called, right?

It’s not like the general advertisers

You said you’d promote it.

I’ve been posting a lot of blog posts.

You’re gonna get one putt.

Marketing is absolutely absolutely…

It doesn’t help with long-term success.

Posted in a short time,

Blogging is about contribution.

Because it’s relatively low.

In terms of quality, it’s very.

Showing that it’s going to be low.

Also, the advertisement has a large volume of text.

Once distributed, you’ll be able to use the appropriate brand or

Consumers who want to find a store,

It’s not empathy, it’s antipathy.

The number of things that come out.

It’s going to happen all the time.

So, we’re going to have to work with these companies.

We’re going to use a different analysis.

I’m satisfied with the bosses.

I’m trying to give it to you.

Top of the blog exposure

I’m sure some of you already know.

By keyword, the art of work is…

to the point where they’really different.

Main Keyword / SubKeyword

We need to select.

Just because you’re exposed, you’re 100 percent.

Because top guarantees are not available.

We want to increase this probability.

Once you upload it, you’ll find a low-quality,

A photo, not a production post,

Every single letter of the text you’re seeking.

Select carefully, select and work.

Whatever it is, it’s basic! The base of the mold base.

It’s important. One by one.

even the smallest detail

It’s important not to miss the details.

Top of the blog exposure alone.

Can’t he do it?

For those of you who are asking,

There’s been a lot, and there’s still a lot.

I mean, people who think that way,

I think there will be a lot of people.

If I had to answer you, the bottom line is,

It has to be difficult.

I think I’ll tell you.

Why? Talk from above.

Like I said, the competitive edge.

For strong keywords

Other competitors have been able to use the word

He wants to be exposed to the stomach when he’s typed in.

effectively at the top

You need a strategy to raise it.

Tens of thousands of blogs

Not all of them are the same.

I don’t know how much you’ve written.

How many years you’ve been managing,

What kind of neighborhood is it?

I need basic blog management skills.

That’s what NAVER does.

It’s called ‘Blog Quality Index’.

What is Quality Index?

According to Naver’s algorithm,

Divide the ratings according to the status.

well-exposed, poorly-exposed,

I’m sharing a blog.

I think it’ll be easier for you to understand.

So if you put everything together,

The approach itself is tricky and difficult.

I don’t think it’s possible to solve it by myself.

There must be some difficulties.

It’s been more than 10 years since it opened.

The number of posts posted

Ten places or something like that’s all.

The last time you posted a post,

Like six months ago or something like that.

What’s not optimized is…

I’d say it’s difficult to work on.

So on Naver,

There’s something called a power blogger.

The tone and mood I want is regular,

with a lot of neat posts

I want to put it on this blogger! “

There are quite a few people who say that. Haha

We have a lot of clients working on it.

With the above inquiry,

Can’t you post it to the person I want?

A lot of people are saying that.

It’s a little bit difficult.

For example, beauty and fashion.

A blogger who’s been working hard on it.

The salted seafood seller wants to raise it.

You can say it’s the same as the boss.

Well, the examples are extreme.

There are a lot of cases like this.

It’s still happening.

What I’m trying to sell…

Top of the blog. Top of the page.

To make it float.

It has to be a good match.

There’s a big part of it’s a big part.

Continuously, the product’s connection

If it doesn’t continue,

The blog quality index is:

It has to be lowered.

Naturally, exposure is not an option.

There must be difficulties.

It’s just a publicity stunt.

Think about it.

You can’t judge it as an easy thing.

I’m not working on it myself.

Typically, you’re looking at advertising agencies

If you’re on the show,

Every detail.

It won’t be easy to know the details.

But it’s not like I’m working on it myself.

The people in charge of the business

I’m trying to get a blogger.

As much as I can, I can help you with your objectives,

We’re looking for similar, similar matches.

Every day I try to find it.

That’s what we create.

This is the result.

It’s not just blogging.

We’re going to do a keyword analysis together.

I’m going to use the main / subkeyword for this product.

We distinguish them, we test them.

Identify and resolve the exposure.

The supplier and the consumer,

We’ll sort out the keywords that we want.

It’s not about making it well.

So that they can sell well.

to the keyword you want.

So that they can be exposed.

I’m working hard on winning the game.

So what leads to success is…

Maybe the answer is…

It could be possible.

It’s not too late.

Ask me questions right now!

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