Can you escape the complex this year?

Hello! I’m finally getting a face-light massage
I went to the famous Wibouti!

There are so many good reviews and famous people
I was very curious about the fact that I had a lot of management

There’s a reason why I’m famous
I’ll write down how it was so honest!

face meridian massage
I went in the morning hours of the weekend
I delayed my reservation once for my personal schedule
And you were so kind to me
I’ll be good at managing customers before I go
He wanted to!

Weebeauty is the first visit, so I can easily
I had a consultation:)

I usually have a face and a body
We talked about it
I’m not really a big face (and I admit the manager).
The most annoying thing is the long face
If the face is long, it naturally looks presbyopia
It was always a complex!

Until we get here, the meridian is simply
I thought it was a little face
There are so many delicate programs!

Side-cropping, facial asymmetry corrections, I’m getting
There were various cares such as long face management!

Not to mention body care!
We’ll finish the consultation and compare it
I took pictures!

And then I’m more convinced
You can see how much better it is later
It’s good to think, Krk
The whole shop is neat and luxurious
I thought I was being treated while I was there
I think it’s a lot of relex

The person who consulted, and the people who care for me
I don’t have a nice tone
I’m not sure I’m gonna be able to
He made me forget everything
All the management, including facial meridian massages, is very private
It was done:)

I’m taking it in a private room, so I’m less worried about Corona
I could get care from a calm mood!
Once you’re inside, you’ll be able to use the disinfected clothes
I’ll change:)

Be hygienic?I’m comfortable when I wear it
You like it warm? Kk

Every one of these things
I think we’re deciding, Krk
I’m gonna need to know that you’re gonna be able to
And Rove’s ready for bed

The bed was neat, so it was well organized
I’m so warm when I lie down
He just fell asleep?

I like snoring, but it’s very
for the long face management of the beauty
I washed my face first:)

I don’t just want to wash it, I don’t want to know
My sister explained to me every single one

So I followed it well
I’ve felt this whole thing very carefully

This is a piece of paper that I’m trying to make
It’s a picture left behind
You look a little bad, don’t you?

Something must have been blocked by the lymph
When everything is ready, I finally lie on a warm bed
I thought the real meridian was just a little face-lifting
I’ve changed my mind!

but he’s been releasing a lot of head lymphs
how much change there was in the middle mirror
He checked:)

It’s amazing how you really let go of your face and head lymph
The length of the face line is
It’s down

You’re so cool… Whoo-hoo!
It was taken right after being 수원건마 managed by Wibute
From forehead to face, the line was so good?

You’re not kidding me?!
the unnecessary muscle which is generated in the face is released
I took the toxins out, and I felt like I was someone else
He said I had a lot of lymph on my face
So it looked longer, black and black

This is the food you gave me!
The corona only gave her sealed food
I’ve been taking care of my house.

I’m gonna need you to pack meridian massage packs
You’re back with two hands
I took it before I got dressed
Isn’t that face long?
Is this the expert’s hand?
It wasn’t all about fame. Very!
I took a little picture on the way out

Real luxury?

I think there were more private rooms than I thought

Sometimes it’s hard to book a small place
I’ve got plenty of room here, so I’m just making a reservation
Not the same!

I’m a little annoyed if I can’t make a reservation even if I pay
This is a powder room, and I’m on my way home
I didn’t use it separately:)

But the program I did was use oil

I don’t think so.
If you have a promise after the program
Take a shower in the powder room, clean it up
I think it would be nice if you went!
I beat the long-face complex for about 40 minutes
This isn’t temporary, but it’s three days away

If you get it this periodically, you’ll be gone all the time
Can I escape the complex this year?
facial asymmetry correction
This video was taken back home
FLCH for Care Results of Wisdom

Is Rhine still alive?
I’ve never seen such a meridian before, and why would people
I knew you were going around before you got married!

Then I’ll do a frank review here!
You want to know, you can always ask me

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