If you’re on a diet, just go. It’s the truth.

I would like to introduce a good place for morning exercise.
I’m sure some of you know. If the existing exercise was boring, I highly recommend it.
If you’re on a diet, just go. It’s the truth.
Welcome to my 20s.
What kind of exercise is that? It’s Jiu-Jitsu.
I don’t have time for my arms and legs.Eats are the best. Pleasure is all about virtue.
There’s a lot of good-looking people.Everyone has a good personality… and the atmosphere is really nice.
Let me introduce you to this gym, um… jiujitsu is Brazilian jiujitsu. The sign says Jiujitsu, but the official name is Brazilian Jiujitsu.
Jujitsu is a martial art that started with the Gracie family. This gym is a team called Gracie.
This is the first team to supply Brazilian jiujitsu.
It’s a team with about 7 gyms starting from scratch.
There are many colored belts, so it’s a good place to learn.
The colored belt personally watches it.
They look at each one well.
It’s like heaven for beginners.
Look at his posture.
It’s a gym where you can communicate with each other and learn joyfully.
The director is said to have been transferred directly from a Brazilian in South America.
He moved to South America and learned it. Brasilian direct student, please check it out. Important authentic South American jiujitsu.
I heard that only one is a black belt. Not domestic black, but Brazilian black belt.
It starts at 10 a.m.
Gym with passion without passion Let’s learn sports in 2021 without fail.
Women’s diets are good, too. a quota class
Please refer to the old Lotte prefecture for coordinates.

The evening class starts at 8:00.
Fourth floor, fifth floor, underground, no.
Second floor, open ventilation is good. a well-ventilated gym
a perfect gym for sports
Child Jiu-Jitsu
I’ll guide you about the price.
It is a children’s traditional 주짓수 martial arts gym that does not do infant sports or school sports.
It’s on the sixth floor of the intersection building.

What kind of children go to Jujitsu Yusul Gymnasium?

The mothers and fathers who send our seals,
I want you to learn proper martial arts, not play sports.
A timid and introverted child sends a seal with the hope that he/she will do well in school and social life.

Learning real-life martial arts changes children’s personalities.

First of all, please refer to the last posting below on the link to see how jiujitsu affects children!

Why is jiujitsu good for children? Why does a child go to Jujitsu gym? (Growth development, height exercise)
Recently, a movement called jiujitsu, which is good for children to learn, has been in the spotlight. But children…

Ordinary gyms for children are playing-oriented classes such as jump rope, ball game, and dodge ball.

In fact, most mothers with young children find out where they are near their homes and where vehicles operate first rather than the training programs at the gym.

Children like to play, so gyms organize class programs like this.
The class is about contents that children would like, such as jump rope, watching movies, dodge ball, and soccer.

My moms are familiar with those gyms.

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