Please look for it for a change.

The facial acupuncture massage is already famous.
There’s a lot of people around here who’ve received it.

Honestly, I feel the need for management.
It’s been a long time since I’ve had skin care,
He goes to the shop frequently to get the parts.

The place I go to a lot of times is where Ga-in-mi…
It’s the Incheon Guwol branch. I think it’s a professional.
There’s more difference than other shops, so I believe it.
It’s a place we’ve been using continuously.

I’ve been working with you for more than 10 years.
It was good because you run it.

All the people who provide the service, they’ll be able to get their national certificates.
He’s got it. He’s been particularly sensitive lately.
Even though we’re being serviced by the way.
I’m going with trust.

It’s a professional-run shop.
I was able to trust my face care.

Face acupuncture massage, skin care, etc.
Well, when it comes to care, it’s probably the most important thing.
It’s the technique that counts.

How old and historical…
Even if it’s a shop, it’s a service.
If each and every touch of you isn’t meticulous,
It makes customers feel disappointed.

The reason I chose this place is because it’s been 12 years.
We have history, and we have continuous history.
We’re going to check the skills of the people who manage them.
I’d say it was because he was going through it.

He’s doing regular education.
You know, the services, the workshops, all of these things.
Systematically through the promotion test.
I was running it.

The unique R.B.T. techniques here,
We’re implementing a liability 수원건마 guarantee system.
I was able to trust him and use him.

I don’t know if you’re worried about first-time shop attendants.
I’m not worried about the before and after effect care.
You can check the quality thoroughly.

You know, the facial acupuncture massage or something like that’s all.
I was amazed by the GA signatures.

Requirements: IT diagnoses skin accurately
It’s the process of analysis.
So I was able to take care of it in a 1:1 match.
Each person has a different face type.

Most of the shops are just standard.
Think of it as a part and take care of your face.
There’s a lot of cases, but this place has 17 things.
I’m going to divide the types and analyze them,

With our own cosmetics, we’ve got techniques.
It’s even better when you use it.
I thought it would be a change.

Well, I used to have a lot of skin,
The fat on my face, the stuff that bothers me a lot.
It was in use, and I was walking around here.
Maybe it’s because he’s been served more than 10 times.
I’ve seen more and more changes.

When I take selfies or when I look in the mirror,
I could feel the difference when I touched his face.

I don’t know if people around me are being cared for.
You know, I’ve got enough facial features to ask.
I had a distinct feeling, unlike before.

I’m sure he’s getting the right service from me.
I’m sure you’ve seen more and more of this change in your eyes.
I thought it might have turned up.

When you get older, you’ll definitely get swollen on your face.
There are a lot of cases where care isn’t available.

You all know that, right? A swollen face.
If you leave these things alone, you’ll end up with…
It’s a big worry to be fat.

I’ve been walking around here, and I’ve never seen anything like this before.
I’m sure it’s because I can manage it.
The outline, the points of concern.
Being able to take care of her was a big advantage.

It’s because it’s elastic. It’s because of Corona.
I’m worried about my skin with a mask or something.
It was a perfect shop while it was getting deeper.

We’re doing a thorough quarantine.
It’s been a lot more reliable.
In addition to frequent quarantine,
The management staff has been continuously using disinfectant
She used it and took care of it neatly.

And he’s always been there for a client.
It is said to be disinfected and managed.

There are a lot of shops famous for their facial acupuncture massage.
The good thing I felt here was,
I’d say 111 service.

Requirements Privately, I’m going to have to work with other clients
I was able to visit him without encountering him.

He’s also running a YouTube channel.
I do home care separately at home care,
When you can’t visit often, you can refer to it.
I could’ve taken care of it at home.

One, two, a few when you’re in service.
It was nice to give you tips.

I’ve previously had a facial taper.
The best shop I’ve ever been to.
I could have been hygienically reliable.

Pillow covers and underwear.
And towels and all this for one person.
It was a place where they were thoroughly clean.

So, even more suspicious like me,
It’s a place where people could trust.

I’ve been here so far.
If I hadn’t been so satisfied,
Wandering through other shops like nomads.
Maybe he’s been there.

I think it’s hard for a picky person like me to think about it.
It’s a perfect place for you.
I’m posting a recommendation.

When I hear what people around me say,
Just because you’re showing a different side of you,
Honestly, I was the only one who wanted to know.
I’ve been asking a lot of questions about where you’re going.
I’m letting you know because you’re doing it.

Maybe if you get a consultation, why do you think I’m so…
You’ll know right away if I complimented you.

Most of the time, I’ve been to other shops,
Ever since I started consulting for ticketing,
There’s a lot of pressure on our customers.

They listen to my concerns here.
We’re gonna have to be professional about how to take care of her.
I could feel your thoughts.

We have couple rooms, things like that’s all.
It’s supposed to be a place for friends.
Or for mother and filial piety.
I’m sure you’ll feel safe even if you visit.
I thought you might be able to use it.

I believe in certain post-war effects.
I’m also visiting with my family.
The facial massage service is different!

I’m going to use a facial massage today.
I introduced you to the place I’m going to.

Well, as I get older, I’m not sure about elasticity.
The need for this kind of management…
Just like you all agree with me, you know,
Please look for it for a change.

This post is a review of the service provided and written.

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