Do you want to eat something delicious? Do you want to get a massage?

Since the end of last year, the sound of “Ago” has been in a bad condition so many times a day.
I’m getting more fatigued before and after moving home.

Is that because you don’t exercise well?
Or is it because you’re older?

I didn’t understand when you were a kid that adults liked to massage or massage.
Now I am the same age ;;

I’m more cool than a delicious dish
I went to a good place to go to Gangnam Taimazji with my acquaintance!

natural tie spa station

After moving to Anyang, Gyeonggi Province, Seoul has a schedule of several appointments once or twice a week.
I just got a reservation at the Natural Thai Spa Yeoksam branch because I have a trip near Gangnam Station!

As soon as you enter the reservation time, check in the QR ~ ~ apply hand disinfectant!
The acrylic screen was on the counter, so it seemed like the anti-virus was being thoroughly managed.

Natural Thai Spa started opening Suwon Youngtong branch in 2008
Currently, Yeoksam Headquarters and Apgujeong Retail Store are operating.
There are many branches in Nonhyeon, Guro Digital Complex, Yeongdeungpo, etc.
It’s a spa brand with a lot of names.
Gangnam Taimasaji was word of mouth as the end king of the caustic rain!

Famous idols who can only know their names are also coming to get Gangnam Taimasaji.

When I see the signs of celebrities visiting like this… I feel like I’m a nuclear person.

The interior of the store was exotically decorated as it came to a local spa shop in Thailand ~ ~
I was married to a couple of people with me.
I decided to show you how I felt about traveling to Thailand for a while.

I was able to meet Kaokotal Life, a natural organic spa product. ~
You can buy it directly at the store and you can purchase it through the homepage.

On this day, I decided to receive a deep tissue couple aroma massage!
First of all, I would like to drink a traditional Thai tea tea tea with a welcome tea and try to relax ~ ~ ~
For reference, the carriage is rich in vitamin C, which helps to relieve indigestion and rejuvenation.
(Manager is very kind.)

Deep tissue aroma massages gradually deepen the deep tissue of our human body to relax each part of the body
Especially, it is a professional handwriting therapy that extends chronically shortened muscles of deep-end tissue such as muscle ligaments.
I just need you to pick up one of your aroma oils

At the Natural Thai Spa Yeoksam headquarters, I was able to choose one of the four aroma oils!

I thought about lavender oil because I needed a lot of shoulder cuffs and muscle relaxation.

But on this day, I tasted four fragrances directly. I liked the smell of grape fruit!

I liked being sweeter and more relaxed than the lavender scent.

rather than sticking to one of my favorite aroma oils.

I think it would be good to experience it slightly differently according to the condition that day!


My Cheerful Plmo Appearance

I have not been able to travel abroad for a while, so I have not been able to see the travel playmobile figure.

I had a date with you on a trip to Thailand.

The Natural Thai Spa Yeoksam headquarters was not very large in size, but … it was very cute and it was arranged in a line!

And the locker and massage room was very clean.

This is the girl’s dressing room!
Every time a new customer uses it, he cleans up the arrangements.
I think you are paying more attention to hygiene because it is Koshi now!

There were hand sanitizers all over the store.
It was also signed with a disinfectant certificate!
They say they’re carrying out disinfection and alcohol disinfection every day.
The official Insta said that the anti-virus footage was uploaded!

I was ready for powder space with the locker
I do not worry about makeup or hair breaks after being managed.

I had a gown and disposable underwear for my acquaintance and me.
I want to change quickly and jump into the world of deep tissue oil therapy

(I’m tired because I’ve already had three schedules.)

This is a foot spa space.
Thai atmosphere I am happy to see elephant cushion

When I traveled to a resort for a while, the best thing I had was to get a massage a day.
How much did my body want since it was an all-stop since last year?

I’d like to have a foot bath at home sometimes.
It’s a difference between being self-managed and being managed by a professional terapis team.

I am in a couple’s foot bath with my acquaintance who went together.

I’ve been meeting you for a long time and I’ve got a lot to talk about.
I have to solve the stress of my body and solve the story bag ;

Ha… last spring, an unexpected toe fracture
It’s been almost a year since I had surgery.
I’ve been suffering for half a year.
Now I’m almost recovered enough to forget that I’ve fractured!
I really have been struggling for a long time last year

Gangnam Taimazi Couple Massage Gangnam Massage Gangnam Couple Spa Yeoksam Massage

After the footspread, I moved to the couple massage room.

I can see the canopy up the bed! The room interior is exotic, so I feel like I’m really coming to Thailand’s local SPA.

I was taken by a Thai local therapist on this day. He was very good!

Bangkok, I went to get a massage 강남건마 when I went to Phuket. ;;;;

I was able to communicate easily because you speak Korean quite a bit.
I felt like I was very friendly and comfortable with my therapist for a short time.

I’ve been feeling a lot uncomfortable with my neck and shoulders since late last year
I told the therapist about that.
He was more careful and managed.

But the upper body I was worried about was less painful.
It relaxes the calf part muscle. Huck… it makes a sound.
I’ll have to work hard on my lower body exercises as usual

After completing all the whole body aroma oil therapy and stretching, all the processes of deep tissue oil massage (60min) have been completed.
When I went in with both of my friends, my face was different when I came out of the face. <. 49,000 won

I can make reservations for the day. I can make reservations right away when I frown.

Couple massages can also be used at discounted prices ~
I want to get a fatigue recovery treatment or a romantic royal couple therapy.

If there’s such a caustic SPA near the two houses
I think I want to come to receive it steadily once or twice a month!

It’s not a real joke.
You want some delicious food? You want a massage?
If you have to choose between two.
I’m raising my hand on the latter!

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