“When I go out to the free contract market, I hear a lot of people’s opinions,” he laughed.

Musa Dembele (Atletico Madrid) suddenly collapsed during training.

British media Daily Star suddenly collapsed during training on the 24th (Korean time). He experienced a scary moment when he fell to the ground while being with his colleagues during training. The players were shocked. Some players moved to check Dembele’s condition. Medical staff were also urgently deployed. Fortunately, Dembele got up and left the scene himself. The problem was not found to be serious,’ the report said.

Dembele who collapsed during training. Citing a report by Spanish media Marca, the media reported that Dembele’s blood pressure seems to have fallen. Now that they have found normal figures, it was certainly scary for both the player and Atlético Madrid. He will continue to be examined. This incident came as a real surprise. All soccer fans around the world are fully aware of the tragic events that suddenly happened to a player.’

Meanwhile, Dembele, who nestled in Lyon via Fulham and Celtic, drew attention as an attacking resource that the world is paying attention to. However, this season was different. His position has drastically narrowed. Dembele found a chance and moved to Atletico Madrid on loan.
Elling Holland (20, Dortmund), who gained fame as an “out-of-control striker” for his one action, had been very excited since the controversial half-time against Cologne.

On the 22nd, the British media “Guardian” brought up Holland as the most interesting topic among the weekend rounds of the German Bundesliga in the 2020-2021 season. Referring to Mirko Frank and Jordan Weiler’s on-the-spot articles in Germany’s “Bilt,” they vividly described what happened before Cologne.

According to the Guardian, Holland had already been “out of control” since halftime, as he confessed in an interview shortly after the Norwegian national team’s call. Dortmund led Holland’s early opening goal in the 3rd minute, but on the 35th minute, Ondrey Duda allowed an equalizer to finish 1–1.

On the way to the locker room after the first half, Holland used the English curse of “Fuck” several times and said, “I hate this. Oh, my God!” he cried. After a 2-2 draw with his dramatic equalizer, he threw his uniform to Jorge Mere, who asked for a uniform exchange, and left the stadium in “14 seconds” after the final whistle sounded.
The Guardian said, ‘This is part of what makes Holland special. It is a desire that cannot accept even missing an opportunity in training, and a personality that does not accept defeat.’

At the same time, he analyzed that it could be “annoying” about the current situation of the team. Dortmund also have difficulties against ‘poor’ teams like Cologne this season. He is currently ranked fifth in the 26th round, so he cannot guarantee his advance to the Champions League next season.

Holland, at the age of the terms and conditions, is leading a huge team called Dortmund alone. Only in the game where Holland’s scoring ability exploded, the team shines.

At this rate, Holland and Mino Raiola agent’s plan to “stay in Dortmund until next season, experience the Champions League, and move to a big club like Manchester City” could go down the drain, the Guardian predicts.

In line with this reality, rumors of a move that has been quiet recently are burning again. Reports are pouring in that Manchester City, Chelsea, Real Madrid, and Barcelona are actively recruiting Holland. Like all other clubs, Dortmund, which has been in financial difficulties in the aftermath of Corona 19, is in a position where it cannot be sold.
Los Angeles Dodgers infielder Justin Turner (37) is playing an exhibition game with a slimmed down figure. He lost a surprising amount of weight. The move is aimed at avoiding chronic hamstring injuries.

The Los Angeles Times said on the 23rd (Korean time), “Turner is doing spring camp with a slimmer appearance. Turner once lost 192 pounds (about 87 kilograms). We are focusing on weight training to raise the weight to 200 pounds.

“My goal is to be in Dodgers 스포츠중계 manager Dave Roberts’ starting lineup every day,” Turner said in a video interview with local reporters. To do so, we tried to get rid of the physical obstacles. “Turner’s weight loss will be very helpful in defense,” Roberts said.

Turner, who became an FA (free agent) after last season, stayed with the Dodgers in February, signing a two-year contract. “Turner has received a lot of criticism in the FA market for his injury concerns and narrow defense. Because of this, there was a lack of interest from other teams.

As the media pointed out, Turner suffered major and minor injuries last season. Since August last year, he has been on the list of injured people in September due to inconvenience in hamstring and tested positive for the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) at the end of the 2020 World Series.

According to the article, Turner played a diet program that stopped sugar, dairy products, carbohydrates and alcohol for 30 days as soon as he signed a residual contract with the Dodgers. “It was a time I learned a lot,” Turner said, recalling that time. “When everyone goes into the free-trade market, they hear a lot of people’s opinions,” she laughed.

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