When I’m stressed out, I tend to relieve stress with a swedish massage.

I regularly get a Swedish massage. My friend in Incheon recommends that there is a new Juan massage shop in February and that the price is good and that he is good at relieving muscles. As soon as I heard it, I was curious, so I made a reservation right away and visited.

Juan Massage Women’s Swash Blossom Therapy BLS9 Address is located on the first basement floor of the Korean Building, 12 Michuhol-daero 722beon-gil, Michuhol-gu, Incheon.
You can see it right after walking for about 5 minutes after coming out of Exit 2 of Juan Station. It’s a new shop, so the interior interior is very luxurious and the facilities are new, so everything is clean and nice.

Ju-an Massage Women’s Swash Blossom Therapy BLS9 is open all year round. You’d better make a reservation in advance because it’s a reservation here. The number is 010-2652-2551.
The boss was kind to me.
This is for women only. They usually do dry, aroma, swedish, rosemi, and lymph massage.
I was most attracted to Swedish among them.

Let me introduce the course. It’s 80,000 won for 60 minutes for sports and aroma. It’s 120,000 won for 90 minutes with the front part and the rear part, and 150,000 won for 120 minutes with the face pack management. However, if you register as a member, you can get an additional discount of 20,000 won each, so it would be a reasonable way to get it first and then become a member if you like it.
The most popular Swedish VIP course here.
It costs 110,000 won for sports, aroma, and swedish massage for 60 minutes on the back, 150,000 won for 90 minutes on the back and front, and 190,000 won for 120 minutes if you include Romi.
I’ve received Romiromi from another shop, and it’s a smooth, smooth management with a lot of oil. I fell asleep on my own. I’ll have to get this separately next time.

I took a photo of the interior of the inner part of Juan Massage Women’s Swash Blossom Therapy BLS9.
It felt different from the shop I’ve been to. You can see the feminine and modern luxury, but when you go to a different space, you turn into a hip club-like look. I didn’t count the number of rooms here, but it looked like there were more than five rooms, so I can get a private room.

First, I go to the bathroom before I take care of it. It’s an hour’s maintenance, but it’s better to go there in advance. Fortunately, it was comfortable because there was a bathroom inside. It was clean and clean.
I was relieved as a customer because it is a Corona prevention management store that conducts disinfection and quarantine every day and thoroughly manages hygiene and cleanliness.

And I went to the shower. We have a gown and towel. There are other cosmetics and dryers, so you can wash your hair and dry it here. It’s an oil massage, so it can get on your head, too.
When I got a sweater from another shop, I took off my body, but I gave them disposable sanitary pants.
This is the place where you can take off your top and bottom, but you can wear underwear.

The towels are clean and the inside of the shower room comes out well, and before you take care of yourself, take a light shower, get ready, and go into the room. It’s a shower room only for women because it’s for women. They are planning to increase the number of shower rooms in the future.

This is my room. Like a princess? It’s kind of elegant. The interior looks like you’ve paid a lot of attention to everything from the entrance to the room. Take off your gown on a preheated bed and lie down. I only get the back 춘천마사지 for an hour. To start with the conclusion, I’d like to get one more full body to the front. An hour is a bit disappointing. Let’s go to 90 minutes!

Juan Massage Women’s Exclusive Suedish Blossom Therapy BLS9
At first, cover the towel with dryness and loosen the muscles slightly with high pressure. Loosen the entire body on the back, and then massage the aroma with warm oil to relax the muscles once more. My neck and leg muscles are very tight, but they concentrated on the hard part. And when you asked if there are any more parts you want to receive, I think it’d be good to tell you in advance where you want to receive more.
And the last one is the Swedish massage. Wow, the technique is amazing! You are really good at softening it with your whole body! The person with the power! When I got the aroma massage, I fell asleep, but after moving on to the sweater, I felt dizzy and refreshed. I received a magical massage that relieves stress and makes me feel better.

I also took a picture of the head of Juan Massage Women’s Swedish Blossom Therapy BLS9.
This is the best restaurant. When I’m stressed out, I tend to relieve stress with a swedish massage. The stress from last week went away to today!! The best! I’m happy.

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