In this episode, a missing child was found and a series of rape cases took place once again.

Review of episode 11 of Live.

In this episode, a missing child was found and a series of rape cases took place once again.

Spoilers from below.

For now, the boys who assaulted Lee Sam-bo are caught.
They come out with the guts of being tactile boys and the legal knowledge they know.

With the addition of special assault and pickpocket crimes through conspiracy,
Knowing that it may not end with simple orders of military service and community service,
It immediately changes one’s attitude and is told that Man-yong was behind it.

Manyong was arrested.
Manyong’s father comes to the police station with a lawyer.

The lawyer mentions police prestige, youth’s future, and good behavior.
Lee Sam-bo said, “I will face strong punishment.”

And that’s why I feel like I’m not being protected by adults.
I explain that I want my father to change it.

The missing child was found in the child’s friend’s closet.

The stepfather molested the child and the child ran away because he hated it.
The child went back to his biological mother.
His biological mother is determined to divorce, but she is ready to raise her child.

Han Jeong-oh supports her biological mother and tries to respect her will.
Choi Myeong-ho recommends protective facilities considering the circumstances of the child and the biological mother.
Han Jung-oh feels that Choi Myung-ho’s attitude ignores the single mother’s family and is furious.

But since then, she’s been living in a similar single mother’s family.
Listen to the negative stories of the past.
Han Jung-oh reflects on his attitude and thoughts and judges that it is right to give various options if it is the way for a child.

The rape case in the mountain where a rose is under investigation,
He denied the connection between the first case and the next two cases.
The investigation 토렌트 순위 headquarters will not survive and conduct individual investigations.

In that situation, there’s an additional victim.
We just reported domestic violence.
The daughters of the house who sent back the cops saying they’d be okay to sober up.

But the two daughters of the victims said they weren’t raped.
He drew a line just because he was assaulted, and he couldn’t relate to the previous cases.
It is classified as a simple event.

Han Jung-oh somehow caught the criminal.
I want to hold the criminal accountable.

The motive of Han Jung-oh was in her past.
Han Jung-oh has also been raped in the past.
It’s been more than 10 years, but I can remember the date and time of the incident.
The trauma of the incident is great.

The one that was shown in the 11th episode of Live.

The children were beaten more than usual by their father after the police returned.

Mistrust of the police was created by the mother’s choice.

The stepdad who molested the child has no assault, so the punishment seems to be weak.

Ahn Rose recommended Oh Yang-chon to die with dignity.
Oyangchon said he would refer to Ahn’s opinion without getting angry with him.

Osong was forced to touch by his boyfriend in the car.
Oyangchon, whose eyes were blinded by Oyangchon, pulled out his boyfriend and beat him.

Song Hye-ri has come to respect Lee Sam-bo as a partner.
A person who likes Song Hye-ri has appeared?!

The situation that Ahn Jang-mi and Han Jung-oh encountered in the past.
Does Han Jung-oh’s past in this episode seem to be a different situation, right?

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