I think I’ll use Daegu used premium gugus often.

We’re doing full quarantine at the clean zone.

This is Gugus from Daegu Shinsegae Store who visited with confidence!

There was a huge store among the luxury goods stores in Daegu.

We’re running 22 branches nationwide.

It’s near Busan, too.

Of course, Seoul and Gyeonggi Province.

Let’s take a look around Daegu luxury goods.

Knock, knock, googus

The name of the luxury store sticks to my mouth.

Easy to call. Easy to call. Good to hear.

And gugus is a luxury brand name.

They offer consignment and travel services.

There are a lot of luxury techs these days.

So many people buy luxury goods for that purpose.

First of all, luxury goods are well managed.

You’re breaking up because it’s a second-hand luxury goods.

Dirty, scratchy, or whatever.

I don’t think there’s anything like that.

When you enter the store, please welcome the staff.

She’s very kind. And there’s a lot of staff.

It was a system that was easy to ask questions.

So I looked around slowly.

There were many kinds of luxury clutch bags, too.

Especially the Gucci clutch bag.

It was incredibly clean, even if it was a new product.

How well you manage in Gugus?

There’s no reason to buy a new product.

It’s a lot of different kinds are clean.

I think it’s an IWC gift watch.

Even if you wear a gift watch or a luxury brand shop in Daegu,

In terms of quality or management, it’s safe to say,

You’re a total accelerator.

(Why do I think of Excelent ice cream?)

Tag Hoyer or Cartier product type diagram

There were so many.

It’s like I just put a department store on the table.

Luxury goods of Daegu Middle and High Quality!

They buy luxury goods at a high price.

Lots of good luxury goods, gugus.

to the point where I might bring it.

There were countless clothes and shoes.

Especially the fact that luxury clothes are all gathered like this.

It’s almost the first time I’ve seen it.

You know, even when you go to a store, you get so many.

They don’t display luxury clothes.

By the way, in Daegu High Quality Gugus,

You can see this kind of course.

Shoes even

You’ve never worn it?

I went with my sister.

You said mannequins and shoes.

Our cute Jjunjunjunu

Son, are you going to buy me some luxury goods later?

This is a used luxury goods shop across from the bar~ro of Sege Department Store in Daegu.

It only took a minute.

It was so convenient to visit.

And the bus stop is just around the corner.

Even if you come by public transportation,

I was able to visit Gugus, a luxury goods of Daegu.

There are so many mini cross bags!

The price range was pretty good.

I feel like I’m doing it when I’m on sale for no reason.

I’ll decide later.

Luxury bag and luxury wallet

Feel like I want to sweep it’s all over.

I had a lot of luxury scarves and card wallets.

While I was window shopping,

The guests kept coming in.

There’s a lot of people on the staff.

It’s even packed.

It’s a brand-new product.

When it comes to luxury goods in Daegu, gugus is really…

It’s like a place to visit once.

There are so many.

I can’t see you all day.

Go away from luxury stores and outlet stores.

There were a lot of popular products.

Luxury goods are in fashion, but there are a lot of them.

It just feels like I bought it in the season.

The degree of light luxury bags used is

You can buy a couple of gugus.

It was just a gain.

Feels like Louis Vuitton was brought to the real store.

There are more kinds than luxury package shops.

There are a lot of categories.

It was a gugus that I could see all day!

레플리카 My sister-in-law’s been doing so much.

You said you’d follow me.

I really wanted to see each and every one of them.

You said you weren’t shopping with your son.

Gugus, which has a luxury pawnshop in operation!

It’s a little close to where I live.

I think I’ll use Daegu used premium gugus often.

Just looking at it makes me feel better.

Daegu Middle and High Quality Googus

I’ll be back.

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