I think you’ve come from different paths even though you’ve been awarded a belt.

I think the white and blue bands are very important in laying the foundation for jujitsu.

It’s like building a pillar in terms of construction work.
So, of course, I have to emphasize the basics a lot. Some people practice silently, but some people constantly try to find and apply techniques that others don’t know. They’re strong or flexible, so they try to apply them through videos or YouTube.

Because basic skills are not easy to say that you practice right away.
I think it’s because many people have already learned and practiced first.
As a result, he is becoming more obsessed with going his own way.

At first, I was taught to stay away from this attitude.
First of all, I learned that you should believe in Jiu Jitsu and listen to it and train, so that you should be careful not to believe in yourself who is strong or flexible and not listen to it. I deeply sympathize with it.

In addition, if you only sell your own skills during your beginner’s period, you won’t be able to create a link between leaders and members, and even if your training deepens in the future, I think it will be unlikely that it will develop into a relationship between teachers and students.
I think you’ve come from different paths even though you’ve been awarded a belt.
Sometimes I don’t think I can even award a belt.

Also, in the beginning, movements are not organized, which often causes a number of injuries to colleagues who practice together.

I have seen an interview in which a person who developed the lower body joint by 신촌주짓수 testing it on colleagues without a teacher completed his skills on top of his colleagues’ injuries.

Jiujitsu is an individual exercise and a team exercise at the same time.
However, I think that practicing by experimenting with colleagues through inexperienced movements and understanding of technology is the attitude of a novice trainee.

What kind of colleague got hurt while being tested by him?

I think it’s the right training to develop your own skills first, and to make a framework for basic skills.

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