I hope you get a perfect result!

I’ll split up the types of credit card loans.

It’s painful to be in a series of lifeless lives.
I’m sure there are a lot of people.
I’m afraid that in the current economic crisis,
I’ve been working so hard, trying hard.
And for 폰테크 a month’s worth, he’s invested in himself.
I don’t want to do it. I have to use it in my daily life.
I’m sure you have a lot of worries about.

However, the card payment date set every month is
The moment you come, you’ll feel very uncomfortable.
It’s going to be.
If you don’t make the payment on time,
I have to take on a catastrophic drop in ratings.
I think disadvantages are the main cause.

Credit card loans are smart and stable.
People who can use it but don’t know it.
There’s a lot of it, so we’ve been working hard on the subject of government support.
I’ve come to a conclusion.
It’s only possible if the conditions are met to a certain extent.
We’ll unlock access to commercial banks against the common people.
Mitigated screening criteria can be incorporated by multiple institutions
I have one.
Each individual has to determine whether to proceed.
Putting in conditions and practical helpful types.
Please check it out.
▶ Mr. New Hope Hall

We’re dealing in the marketplace, and we’re moving up to 25 million.
It is low at an average interest rate of 9.4%.
If you have an actual salary standard of 4,500 or more, the reason for the restriction is…
The requirement is that the duration of the company’s existence is…
It should be three months.
▶ Sunshine

We have the same qualification criteria as above.
You’re suffering from high interest rates among the working class.
It’s a suitable system for you.

The difference is that you have to get a warranty.
As I can tell you, only for the person subject to issuance.
We can proceed.
Therefore, if it is not issued, the restriction is natural.
That’s the result.

Up to 1500 for subsistence purposes alone, within 8 to 11%.
I can get some help.
If I could give you a little more information to add,
For those of you who have consistently maintained repayments for more than a year,
Beneficiary follows, and this is emergency additional funding.
It can be contributed to a difficult life through financial stability.
Please keep that in mind.
Each institution has its own differences.
The important thing to reduce is to get accurate guidance.
▶ Side stones 1,2

The minimum annual salary of 12 million won or more per office worker is…
It’s possible.
Well, as I’m speaking on the basis of office workers,
Depending on the difference in occupation, individual content.
You need to see it.
Keep interest rates in the middle and in one direction.
To avoid bias, we need to average between 10.0 and 17.6%.
It will be maintained and provided within 20 million won.
The same for each individual, remembering that it is differential.
Please note that figures cannot be obtained.

The purpose of credit card loans is to reduce the burden.
It could be right, but it could be the main culprit of domestic discord.
Since there is, it should be done under a thorough plan.
Don’t think it’s good to use it unconditionally.
A mistake made in ignorance means a loss.
You have to be careful.
There are a variety of institutions in place, but they don’t know.
There are a lot of people. Commercial banks are also taking active action.
I’m showing you, so you have to pay attention.

The absolute figures vary from individual to individual.
It’s hard, but after today, you’ll be able to borrow money from your credit card.
I hope it helps financially.
Build a solid foundation for successful results.
I hope you watch it.
Once again, the important thing to note is that the individual’s…
Credit, rating and debt status as well.
Each institution may have a different baseline.
I hope you get the perfect results without missing anything.
I hope so!

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